Frequently Asked Questions


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal. You can call us if you'd like to discuss alternate payment options. All funds must be in US currency .


Do you send a prepaid box to me like the bigger transfer shops?

No, and frankly, those are a rip-off. The cost you pay for the box is NOT part of your media conversion fees and it actually delays the processing time as you have to wait to receive the box first before then being able to package/ship your media out. With us, you ship to us using your preferred mail carrier (although we can give recommendations based on media, weight, shipping locale, and budget). And if your order is over $250, RETURN Shipping and Handling is FREE!


Do I get back my original materials?

Yes, all original materials submitted will be returned to you.

Do you handle Super8 Sound films?

Yes, we can convert super8 sound films and synchronize them to your film. We can also convert 16mm (optical and magnetic) as well as Regular 8mm sound (Sound8) and even super8 optical.


Do you allow for local orders with no shipping?
We sure can, Click HERE for IMPORTANT information about how to arrange a local dropoff.


Do you ship out my materials to another facility? 

Absolutely NOT! We do all the work ourselves and with the utmost care and consideration. This is IMPORTANT as many retail chains (Walgreens, Costco, CVS; etc) offer transfer services, but in truth they ship your media to a facility out-of-state to do the work. With us, you know who exactly does the work, you can communicate with us directly, and you get your films back sooner.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

There are no minimum orders, but the advantages to larger orders are more cost effective shipping (based on carrier) as well as potential bulk discounts

How soon can I get it done?

Currently, our turn-around time is 5-7 business days, but this time is not guaranteed. It depends on the number of orders and condition of your media. Our turn-around time also increases during the holiday season.  For an additional fee, we can expedite your order.  Give us a call for more information about our rush service.

How do I place my order?

Use our easy to use shopping cart to place your order. It will handle all products, taxes, shipping options, and sales agreements. If you prefer, you can also download and print out our PDF order form and fill it out to send with your item.


When I place a film transfer order, an output options either says 'UNAVAILABLE' or is greyed out. Do you have a limited supply? Absolutely not. You can order as many film reels as you need. The 'UNAVAILABLE' or greyed out selection occurs if there's a conflict with your transfer quality (HD or SD) choice and your Deliverable (DVD, HDD, or Blu-Ray). For example, Standard Definition transfers can NOT be burned to Blu-Ray Media and alternatively, High Definition transfers cannot be burned to DVD (and 2k transfers can only be made available as mp4 digital files, no disc output).

What types of video tapes does Reel Transfers convert?

At this time, we convert the following types of consumer video cassettes: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, 8mm, Hi-8, and Digital 8, MicroMV, Betamax, and International VHS & Betamax tapes. We also convert several professional formats such as BetacamSP, HDV, DVCam, DVCPro, Betacam SX, Digital Betacam, MPEG IMX, 3/4" Umatic, and 1/2" EIAJ open reel.

Can you transfer professional VHS tapes to DVD? For example, I've got some VHS movies of Disney Films and   that might never be released on DVD, and I want to preserve them.

We do not transfer currently copyrighted material for legal reasons, even copyrighted material without monetary gain, as per FBI regulations. If you're not sure if your videotapes fall under that category, reach out to us via our Contact Us and we can help determine if they are and what options you may have.

Can you do video editing?

Yes, we do video editing at $100 per working hour. We are available to discuss your editing needs and will be able to provide more accurate pricing once we have all of the details.

What if the DVD doesn't play on my machine?

We tell the 1% of customers that do have an issue with the DVD to try another DVD player and more than likely it will work fine. Most (but not all) players are compatible with DVD-R. While we will make every effort to provide an alternative (mp4), we cannot guarantee 100% functionality of the DVD to your equipment. 

Does the price include labels or printing on the Disc?

Color text printing is included on every disc.

If I have "Chapter" , "Tracks" or "Menus" on my original disc, will the copies have them as well?

Yes. All Chapter, Track and Menu information is transferred to the copies along with any other data on the original discs.