About Us

Reel transfers was started by Rick Neely - a 20 year veteran of film and video production in Atlanta, GA.  After graduating from college with degrees in Television, Business, and a film studies minor, Rick worked his way up in the media industry until he found that he could satisfy both professional and home-produced media. He has since worked in video post-production handling nearly 35 different formats and produced numerous well received projects over the years. Rick conceived of Reel Transfers as a result of the increasing move of DVD over video, and digital media over analog.

"The Digital evolution for video and audio has been HUGE over the past 15 years. Hardly anyone uses tape or film anymore, and the new technology is great- the versatility to share media and images online or make your own movies is so simple. But I asked myself, what about the pictures and video and film that were made before that technology was around? What if we could offer digital transfer of those movies and images so someone could share and edit those in addition to what we currently do?"

Thus, Reel Transfers became that service and has evolved quickly in truly becoming a one-stop shop for nearly any one with an interest in converting or archiving old media. The company currently handles over 30 different formats between video, film, audio, and photo prints, in addition to video encoding, DVD/CD duplication, and Professional Video editing & graphics. In addition to hundreds of regular customers served, Past & current professional clients include the Coca-Cola Company, Primerica, CNN, CHEP Corporation, Auburn University, Myrtle Beach Public Libraries, PSAV, & United Parcel Service.


If you're interested in more specific information about what we offer and what you need, go to our CONTACT US page and drop us a note with any questions. We're happy to help.

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