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CD / DVD to Hard Drive

Price below is per Disc. (be sure to indicate below if it is a single or double sided disc)
Disc Type
Regular price$10.00
Tax included.
    • CD disc audio files converted to MP3
    • DVD movie files converted to MP4
    • Data files on disc will be direct copy into root folder (w/matching file directory)
    • option of google drive download or copy to HDD or Thumb Drive  (customer supplied)
    • Copyrighted Material prohibitied (must show proof of ownership or public domain)
    • Discounts for Bulk Orders. CONTACT US to request more info.

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FREE Return (US Domestic) S&H for orders of $250 or more.

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Had my Super8 film transferred it to DVD quickly. I can not believe how clear the picture looks.Did an excellent job!!

R. Kincaide
Greenville, MS.

My family's super 8 projector broke a long time ago and I have not been able to see my family movies in quite a while. When I first saw them for the 1st time on DVD, I was amazed how clear the picture looks. Thanks!"

A. Clark
Memphis, TN.

My God, this is amazing! Seen this film many times but have not experienced it like I just did since watching it projected 25 years ago. You have given me a great gift!

D. Nadelberg
Lexington, MA.

I had originally sent my film to another company that was unable to transfer the sound, so I am incredibly grateful I found your service. Hearing my grandmother's voice again is priceless!

P. Jones
Madison, WI.

After fifty years, I was finally able to hear and in a sense, join with my family at their Christmas Party in1959. The audio was unbelievably clear, I am sure much much better than the original! I had tears running down my cheeks! Thank you again.”

M. Ibbotson
Vancouver, British Columbia

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