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Transfer Technicolor Sound film cartridge

Price below is per 50' of film (same as a 3" diameter reel).
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Transfer your Technicolor sound moive cartridge to Digital using our Premium Frame-by-Frame Transfer system. The film is captured directly from the emulsion surface. Film is cleaned, spliced, and repaired. We offer both Standard Definition and High Definition (1080p) transfers. They are then transferred to output media of your choice.

    • Frame-by-frame broadcast transfer
    • Films are color corrected & adjusted for contrast
    • Cartridges are opened and film will be REMOVED from cartridge, and spliced onto reels for transfer
    • Digital files for Hard Disk Drive are MP4
    • 5-7 day average processing time
    • Delivery media options of DVD, Blu-Ray Media (HD transfer only), or Digital Mp4 files on Hard Disk Drive (customer supplied) or Google Drive Download

    Have a LOT of reels? Contact Us  and see if you qualify for a discount rate.

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    Had my Super8 film transferred it to DVD quickly. I can not believe
    how clear the picture looks.
    Did an excellent job!!

    R. Kincaide
    Greenville, MS.

    My family's super 8 projector broke
    a long time ago and I have not been
    able to see my family movies in
    quite a while. When I first saw
    them for the 1st time on DVD, I was
    amazed how clear the picture looks. Thanks!"

    A. Clark
    Memphis, TN.

    After fifty years, I was finally able
    to hear and in a sense, join with
    my family at their Christmas Party in
    1959. The audio was unbelievably
    clear, I am sure much much better than
    the original! I had tears running down my cheeks! Thank you again.”

    M. Ibbotson
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    My God, this is amazing! Seen this film many times but have not experienced it like I just did since watching it projected 25 years ago. You have given me a great gift!

    D. Nadelberg
    Lexington, MA.

    I had originally sent my film to another company that was unable to transfer the sound, so I am incredibly grateful I found your service. Hearing my grandmother's voice again is priceless!

    P. Jones
    Madison, WI.

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